Bloodline (diptych), detail
Pigment print on archival cotton paper (two panels)
100 x 200cm
Edition of 5 + 2 AP


My work explores ideas of cultural disembodiment. Wounds and cuts reveal the body in transformation. The evocative use of fluids such as honey and milk presents visceral experience as seductive, familiar and confronting. In Bloodline a photographic diptych depicts my father and I, bound arm to arm, with honey pressed from skin to skin. Where I have previously used yellow honey to critique the complexities of Chinese identity, here it is transformed into a golden circulatory system between father and son. The honey is a bloodline that inextricably links my self to a cultural lineage through history and through time, an ancestral absence made present in the lived body. The wound in my arm suggests healing – a necessary cut that enables a transmission of life force between generations.