Self-Portrait as Mountain
Wood, foam, paint, pink light, rose quartz, white salt, black glitter, mirror, model scenery, model train, electronics
152 x 240 x 120 cm

Photograph by Brenton McGeachie. Courtesy of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre


Self-Portrait as Mountain is a sculptural installation that visualises an internal landscape of the body through which the motion of a crystal is a journey towards healing. An anthropomorphic mountain bears two faces: one looking towards the past, the other gazing steadfastly into the future. A model train travels endlessly on a symbol of infinity with its precious cargo of rose quartz crystals, a stone of the heart used to dissolve emotional wounds.

This work was commissioned by Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre for the exhibition Mind the Gap, 28 November 2014 - 25 January 2015.